31 Sylvan Road N - Photo Realtor.com
31 Sylvan Road N – Photo Realtor.com

Westport–During the week of January 15-19, 10 properties traded hands for a total of $17.4 million, generating $41,500 in conveyance tax. One year ago, eight properties changed hands for a total of $20.9 million.

31 Sylvan Road N sold for $4,700,000.
Seller: Bret Sheiber.
Buyer: Scott & Heather Stapley.

46 Washington Avenue sold for $3,205,000.
Seller: Brian L Gold.
Buyer: Rachel & Caitlin Rifkin.

6 Murvon Court sold for $1,925,000.
Seller: Anthony P W Durrant.
Buyer: Jill Lukeman.

1 Spring Hill Road sold for $1,700,000.
Seller: Tarquin Prapopulos Tr.
Buyer: Haresha Samaranakaye & Janaka Periyapper.

80 Terra Nova Circle sold for $1,495,000.
Seller: Steven M Siegelaub Tr.
Buyer: Michael J & Anabela F Inglese.

32 Hogan Trail sold for $1,315,000.
Seller: Brian D & Lauren A Simons.
Buyer: Anne Marie Degregorio.

180 Saugatuck Avenue sold for $1,250,000.
Seller: Saugatuck Holding Co LLC.
Buyer: 180 Saugatuck Avenue LLC.

38 Hillspoint Road sold for $1,005,000.
Seller: Diana M Hodge.
Buyer: Ivan Chaykovskiy & Rebecca Arnold.

70 Cranbury Road sold for $850,000.
Seller: Wilmington Trust NA-Tr C/O Planet Home Lending LLC.
Buyer: Carlos H Botero & Lina M Ochoa.

28 Crescent Park Road sold for $10,000.
Seller: Arlene M Donahue Est.
Buyer: First Lien HECM REO LLC.

Source: Westport Town Clerk