To the editor:

District 6 residents,

We are writing to extend our wholehearted endorsement and support of David Rosenwaks as an RTM candidate and ask that you do the same. When we think about who we want representing us and other families like us, we think of those who, like David, represent the very best of this special town we are privileged to call home.

David is a true professional who keenly understands how to wade through complexity to deliver outsized results. He is a devoted family man who understands and champions the issues facing young families in Westport. 

He is a mature and concerned citizen who is deeply involved in the town — attending everything from BOE to RTM meetings regularly, bridging communications with Westports seniors and always building community with those around him. 

He is an involved volunteer at our daughters’ schools, a dedicated coach, and a dear friend to so many. David’s knack for building connections, combined with his collaborative nature and intellectual capacities, makes him uniquely positioned to be able to deliver on the promise of our great town. 

In voting for our representatives we have the unique opportunity to choose what world we wish to live in. We believe that one led by an individual like David — who is always willing to find mutual value, who leads with heart and passion for our community, and who is grounded in the excellence required to further develop this world class town — is a natural choice. 

Thank you for your commitment to making this town such a wonderful place to live. 

Neva and Marc Angelico