Frederico Perandin, left, chef and owner of Il Pastaficio, cooks with Guy Fieri, host of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” for a segment on the Food Network program, which is set to shown Oct. 13. / Contributed photos, the Food Network
Bigoli con Ragu d’Anatra, or bigoli pasta with fresh duck ragu, is prepared according to a recipe from the region of Venice, Italy, where chef Frederico Perandin grew up.

By Gretchen Webster

WESTPORT — A local chef and restaurateur will have his cuisine sampled by Guy Fieri, host of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” during Friday’s episode of the Food Network television show.

“We loved it — it was a lot of fun honestly,” said Frederico Perandin, the owner of Il Pastaficio at 135 Post Road East. “It’s like having a friend over and playing together in the kitchen.”

Perandin owns a pasta and food shop by the same name in Greenwich, where the program was filmed last spring. He and his wife, Anissa Nouhi, had to keep filming of the segment in their restaurant a secret until now, they said.

“We had to sign contracts that we wouldn’t tell, and film in 6 a.m. in the morning so no one would see,” Nouhi said. “It was very hush, hush.”

The couple found out just a week ahead of the screening the segment was going to be broadcast this week.

“It was unexpected, honestly,” Perandin said of being chosen to appear on the program. “When they told me how they chose us, I was very happy.”

 A client recommended Il Pastaficio, and the good reviews of the eateries online (Westport has 5 out of 5 stars on Google and Greenwich 4.8) helped land Perandin a coveted spot on the show, he said.

Perandin, with his Chef Nicolo Bertacini and Fieri, prepared Bigoli con Ragu d’Anatra, or bigoli pasta with fresh duck ragu. The dish is typical of the Venice area of Italy, where Perandin is from, his wife said. Bigoli is a type of fresh pasta made only in that region.

Lasagna al Tartufo, or truffle lasagna, is a specialty of restaurateur Frederico Perandin, who created the dish.

The second dish, Lasagna al Tartufo, or truffle lasagna, was created by Perandin’s when he opened the first Il Pastaficio in Greenwich. 

The couple won’t know until the show airs Friday which recipe will be featured on the show, they said, but both dishes are available in Westport and Greenwich.

The Greenwich business was opened five years ago, while the one in Westport was established a year ago as a shop selling fresh pasta and sauces, with the addition of a full restaurant in August.

Il Pastaficio in Westport “is doing very, very well, especially on the weekend,” Perandin said.

“It’s very exciting to see someone who is important in the food business” recognize his business, he said of taping the show with Fieri. “He really loves what he does,” Perandin said. “He’s a very, very nice guy.”

“Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” featuring Il Pastaficio, is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13, on the Food Network channel. The program is available on Optimum Channel 29, as well as other broadcast platforms.

Freelance writer Gretchen Webster, a Fairfield County journalist and journalism teacher for many years, was editor of the Fairfield Minuteman newspaper for 10 years and teaches journalism at Southern Connecticut State University.