31 Soundview Road - Photo Realtor.com
31 Soundview Road – Photo Realtor.com

WESTPORT–During the week of October 2-6, 13 properties sold for $22.8 million, generating $55,100 in conveyance tax. One year ago, 13 properties changed hands for a total of $44.3 million.

31 Soundview Drive sold for $4,456,250.
Seller: Charlene M Girden Est.
Buyer: Amy & Alan Benjamin.

9 Broadview Road sold for $3,360,000.
Seller: Seth J & Shelley T Morris.
Buyer: Charles & Catherine Hill.

5 Bradley Street sold for $2,500,000.
Seller: Melissa & Michael Banks.
Buyer: Richard J & Meredith G Stark.

57 Crescent Road sold for $2,040,000.
Seller: Thomas Vicary.
Buyer: Michael & Rebekah Murney.

2 Minard Drive sold for $1,850,000.
Seller: Thomas E & Donna Febbraio.
Buyer: Janet K & Jacob Navon.

22 Burritts Landing S sold for $1,820,000.
Seller: Carolyn Boyan AKA Carolyn B Raymond.
Buyer: Melissa Banks & David Giorlando.

12 Rocky Ridge Road sold for $1,437,500.
Seller: Calef C & Raelyn Davis.
Buyer: Ryan Hayes & Samantha Leathers.

8 Raymond Place sold for $1,232,350.
Seller: Miriam & Jeffrey S Rafalaf Tr.
Buyer: Barbara A Sweeney Tr.

58 Center Street sold for $1,175,000.
Seller: Kathryn Lynn Barrett.
Buyer: Jennifer & Christopher Reed.

8 Franklin Avenue sold for $1,000,000.
Seller: Lynn S Whitton.
Buyer: Brandon & Ellen McCue.

11 Otter Trail sold for $794,149.
Seller: Henrik Neuhaus.
Buyer: Denise Marie Lovett.

301 Post Road E sold for $621,000.
Seller: Andrew M Crandall.
Buyer: Heather Salmond.

23 Oak View Circle sold for $480,000.
Seller: Lv Xu & Xiaole Xie.
Buyer: Jennie K Li.

Source: Westport Town Clerk