WESTPORT — A modest increase of 1.38 percent was recorded in the town’s Grand List of all taxable properties last year, rising to a total of just under $11.47 billion, according to figures released Monday.

The rate of growth, however, has slowed over the last several years.

Assessor Paul Friia reported the total for Westport’s 2023 tax rolls was $11,468,456,765, up from the 2022 Grand List of $11,312,004,303.

Increases in 2023 were registered in two of the three general categories for the annual report:

  • Real estate, traditionally the far largest pool of taxable properties, rose 1.5 percent in 2023 to a total of $10,610,104,816 — 95.2 percent of the overall list.
  • Personal property rose 5 percent to $396,666,579 — 3.45 percent of the total tax rolls.
  • Motor vehicles, however, declined to $461,685,370 — 4.03 percent of the ’23 list.

It is the third consecutive year the rate of growth in the town’s Grand List has declined from the preceding year.

In 2022, the town’s Grand List had recorded growth in all three taxable categories — real estate, motor vehicles and personal property — rising 1.9 percent overall.

And the year before that, the list saw a larger rise of 2.4 percent rise over 2020.

Motor vehicles and personal property are valued annually, while real estate is updated based on market values determined as of the last townwide revaluation certified Oct. 1, 2020.

Largest additions to the real estate segment of the 2023 Grand List include: 32 condominiums at 41 Richmondville Ave.; 12 condominiums at 60 Wilton Road; the nine-lot Belta Farm subdivision, and construction of approximately 59 other new homes around town, according to Friia’s report.

The decline in overall taxable value of motor vehicles was expected, the report indicted, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Vehicle values on the 2021 list had surged 27 percent.)

Connecticut Light & Power, a subsidiary of Eversource, once again tops the list of the town’s top taxpayers — as it did in the two previous years.

And in second and third spots, as on the 2022 and ’21 Grand Lists, respectively, are the Nyala Farms corporate campus and the Bedford Square commercial complex downtown.

Westport’s top 10 taxpayers based on 2023 assessments are:

Connecticut Light & Power, Inc. — personal property, $142,022,480

60 Nyala Farms Road LLC — real estate, $83,335,700

Bedford Square Associates LLC — real estate, $51,520,000

Aquarion — real estate and personal property, $38,700,440

Equity One Westport Village Center — real estate, $34,383,600

Bridgewater Associates LP — personal property, $27,272,840

Byelas LLC — real estate, $24,856,700

Bankside House Westport LLC — real estate, $24,569,000

LCB Westport LLC — real estate, $24,532,860    

Southern Connecticut Gas Co. — personal property, $22,328,270