The town’s top three tax-assessed properties, according to the 2022 Grand List, belong to, clockwise from top: Eversource (Connecticut Light & Power), No. 1; Bedford Square Associates, No. 3, and 60 Nyala Farms Road LLC, No. 2.

WESTPORT — The town’s Grand List of all taxable properties rose nearly 2 percent over the previous year, according to figures released Tuesday.

The $11,312,004,303 value for 2022, according to Assessor Paul Friia, is 1.9 percent higher than the  $11,100,020,664 reported for 2021.

The 2022 percentage rise, however, was less than that recorded in 2021, which charted 2.4 percent growth over 2020.

The latest Grand List recorded growth in all three taxable categories — real estate, motor vehicles and personal property.

  • Real estate — totaling $10,447,786,476 — comprises 92.36 percent of the overall list, growing 1.4 percent over a year earlier.
  • Motor vehicles — $486,524,740— make up 4.30 percent of the total, and increased 4.7 percent in total value over 2021.
  • Personal property — $377,693,087 — accounts for 3.34 percent of the t0tal, and rose 14 percent over the 2021 total.

In a message accompanying the new Grand List figures, Friia said the 1.4 percent increase in real estate assessments results from “continued residential and commercial new construction, as well as renovation activity that occurred within the last assessment year.

“Construction continues on the 32  condominiums located at 41 Richmondville Ave, and the 12 condominiums at 60 Wilton Road. In addition, improvements to buildings on Main Street and the construction of approximately 66 new homes contributed to the increases in the 2022 real estate Grand List,” according to the report.

The 14 percent increase in personal property values is attributed to “a reinvestment in local new and existing businesses to include equipment and leasehold improvements.”

And although the 4.7 percent rise in overall value of motor vehicles is significantly less than the 27 spike in 2021, it “reflects a return to a more typical market,” the assessor’s message states.

The list of the town’s top taxpayers, as ranked by property values, is:

Connecticut Light & Power Inc., personal property, $141,398,240

60 Nyala Farms Road LLC, real estate, $83,335,700

Bedford Square Associates LLC, real estate, $51,520,000

Aquarion, real estate and personal properties, $34,668,193

Equity One Westport Village Center, real estate $32,310,568

Bridgewater Associates LP, personal property, $25,676,660

Byelas LLC, real estate, $24,856,700

LCB Westport LLC, real estate and personal properties, $22,302,600

1735 Ashley LLC, real estate, $20,310,660

Westport Riverside Associates LLC, real estate, $19,470,500

Southern Connecticut Gas Co., personal property, $19,077,130