Connecticut Light & Power, a subsidiary of the energy company Eversource, remains the town’s largest taxpayer on the newly released 2021 Grand List, followed by real estate property owners Nyala Farms and Bedford Square.

WESTPORT — A 2.4 percent increase in the town’s 2021 Grand List of all taxable properties was reported Monday by town officials.

The list, totaling $11,100,020,664, includes:

  • Real estate, which comprises nearly 93 percent of the total, with a 1.5 percent increase over 2020.
  • Motor vehicles, almost 4.2 percent, recording a sharp 27 percent rise.
  • Personal property, nearly 3 percent of the total, up about 4 percent.

The 2020 Grand List stood at  $10,830,370,714, according to the figures released by Town Assessor Paul Friia. The new values for 2021 are recorded as of last Oct. 1.

Grand List reverses decline seen in 2020 figures

By contrast, the 2020 Grand List had recorded a decrease of about 5.4 percent from the net 2019 Grand List of $11,445,273,580, which officials said was caused primarily by the property revaluation completed Oct. 1, 2020. 

The largest single taxpayer on the new Grand List, as was the case in 2020, is Connecticut Light and Power, a subsidiary of the energy company Eversource, based on its tax assessment valued at $139,809,200 in personal property — equipment — holdings in town.

Rounding out the top three taxpayers are 60 Nyala Farms Road LLC, with a $83,340,130 assessment, and Bedford Square Associates LLC, a $53,321,200 assessment. Both entities’ tax bills are based on the assessed values of their real estate properties, retaining their respective status as the town’s second and third largest taxpayers from 2020.

The overall values of real estate, motor vehicles and personal property all charted increases over the last year according to the report.

The increases broke down as follows:

REAL ESTATE: A 1.5 percent rise in real estate values resulted from “continued residential and commercial new construction, as well as renovation activity that occurred within the last assessment year,” the town’s press releases states.

Some of the major real estate additions to the Grand List include: a new 32-unit condominium project at 41 Richmondville Road; completion of a 32-unit apartment complex at 1480 Post Road East; reconstruction of the Volvo Dealership at 556 Post Road East, and construction of approximately 80 new houses.

MOTOR VEHICLES: The overall value of motor vehicles registered in town spiked 27 percent, reflecting “the increases in new and used car prices and a 25 percent increase in new car purchases over 2020,” according to the Grand List statement.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Overall values of personal property rose slightly above 4 percent, “suggesting a reinvestment in local new and existing businesses,” the report says.

Figures in the new Grand List are subject to change based on the outcome of the Board of Assessment’s appeal hearings in March, as well as additional changes due to corrections or pending lawsuits, officials said.

Westport’s top 10 taxpayers based on 2021 assessments

Connecticut Light & Power, personal property: $139,809,200

60 Nyala Farms Road LLC, real estate:  $83,340,130

Bedford Square Associates LLC, real estate:  $53,321,200

Equity One Westport Village Center, real estate:  $33,126,100

Aquarion, real estate and personal property: $29,464,050

Byelas LLC, real estate: $24,856,700

LCB Westport LLC, real estate and personal property:  $24,532,860

1735 Ashley LLC, real estate: $20,312,760

285 & 325 Riverside LLC, real estate: $19,470,500

Ronnie F. Heyman Trustee, real estate: $18,214,400