WESTPORT–After six years in New York City, Brooke and David Menoni moved to Westport. That was in 2005.

After living in a cramped city apartment, their 1,500-square-foot home seemed like a veritable palace. Their cape cod house had three bedrooms, two baths, a basement area / crawl space, a garage, a stone patio and a finished upper story. And in the backyard was the bucolic Signal Lake.

After more than a decade here in Westport, and with four children under foot, their 1,500-square-foot cape felt a little, um, cramped. They decided they needed a larger house. Though the Menonis love Westport, they looked around in neighboring towns and even across the state border. But they kept coming back to their acre on Wake Robin, where they enjoyed both the idyllic back yard, where their kids could play, and their proximity to I-95, which helped the parents feel connected to the urban side of Westport. 

They decided to demo their cape and build a custom house. Choosing an architect was not easy — they found it a challenge to find one eager to help design their new living spaces without taking complete control of every design decision.

Before they’d been referred to John Jones for the fifth time, they knew they had found their architect. Jones turned out to be easy to work with and he let the Menonis decide exactly what the interior of their new home would look like. Their new house has 4,400-square-feet of space, four bedrooms, six baths, a basement, garage, screened porch and stone terrace (the current assessment is $1,248,800 up from the 2018 assessment $509,700).

They love living at 10 Wake Robin. “During COVID, the kids really took advantage of the lake,” Mrs. Menoni said. “They’d done a little fishing in it before, but last year they spent time swimming and rafting in it.”

They demolished their old house last December and they moved in earlier this month. “Fortunately, John Jones really did a great job lining up everything we were going to need before COVID hit, “ Mrs. Menoni said. He did “everything he could to get the house finished” in the budgeted time frame. They are short a couple of appliances and they had to redesign their patio slightly because they couldn’t get all the stone they needed. 

The Menomis are very happy to be staying here in Westport.