6 Whippoorwill Lane
6 Whippoorwill Lane

WESTPORT–During the week of November 13-17, 10 properties sold for $14.2 million, generating $35,400 in conveyance tax.  One year ago, nine properties traded for a total of $12.8 million.

6 Whippoorwill Lane sold for $2,915,000.
Seller: Sean V & Debra Poulley.
Buyer: Shelby Lee & Susan Keefer.

20 Partrick Lane sold for $2,100,000.
Seller: Edward A Tricker.
Buyer: Gerry A & Lisa Stein Tr.

17 Sturges Commons sold for $1,890,000.
Seller: Bruce A & Michele M Mitnick.
Buyer: Herald Homes – 17 SC LLC.

71 High Point Road sold for $1,599,000.
Seller: Gareth Cuddy.
Buyer: Mariano Gutierrez Llaguno.

226 Lansdowne sold for $1,450,000.
Seller: James J & Sallie Lavery Deary III.
Buyer: Vito E & Mary Ann Palermo Trs.

31 Hogan Trail sold for $1,210,000.
Seller: 31 Hogan Trail DC LLC.
Buyer: Pradeep Seshan & Shivani Singh.

49 Evergreen Avenue sold for $1,100,000.
Seller: Frank S Ehrlich.
Buyer: Michael B & Melanie W Moss.

78 Hillandale Road sold for $997,000.
Seller: Noah & Lydie Schwartz.
Buyer: Michael Romm & David Gonzales.

209 Lansdowne sold for $878,750.
Seller: Simon J Bowden Tr.
Buyer: Simon J Bowden & Dana K Yee.

8 Hale Street (partial interest) sold for $35,000.
Seller: Anthony Izzo.
Buyer: Rocco Petretta.

Source: Westport Town Clerk