To the editor:

We’ve been lucky to work alongside Candace Banks for the past several years on the RTM, including working closely with her on important projects, such as the Public Safety Departments Review Board ordinance that she co-sponsored and has helped lead the charge on. 

Candace was also the co-sponsor of the RTM resolution to support the women’s right to choose, which won unanimously with her leadership. She is an advocate for our kids and schools, publicly seeking support for the overdue Long Lots School renovation.  

Candace is a thoughtful, respectful, principled public servant, who does a lot of good for her constituents and our town without any fanfare. The confidence that the voters in District 6 have placed in her has been well earned, and we hope they continue to send her back to the RTM for years to come.

Liz Milwe and Stephen Shackelford

Members, Representative Town Meeting


“A dedicated advocate for the Long Lots community”

To the editor:

We are five past presidents of the Long Lots School PTA writing to ask the voters of District 6 to re-elect Candace Banks to the RTM. 

As the proposal to build a much-needed Long Lots School winds its way through the various town boards for approval, we need RTM representatives like Candace to make sure that elected officials are putting the school-aged children in our neighborhood first ahead of other interests.

As a former LLS parent and past PTA president herself, Candace has been a dedicated advocate for the Long Lots community for over a decade. We believe a new Long Lots School is a long overdue improvement for not only its present and future students, but for our neighborhood, and our town. 

With Candace on the RTM, we know she will do everything in her power to bring a new LLS to fruition as soon as possible in a way that takes into account and balances the needs of all town residents.   

Please plan to go to the polls on Nov. 7 and vote for Candace on the RTM line!

Lily Bloomingdale, Carolyn Caney

Sandra Krenzer, Lisa Hill and Melissa Signorile