To the editor: 

Incumbents Lee Goldstein and Neil Phillips have two of my three votes for the Board of Education (BoE). Lee and Neil have impressive experience in education, are actively engaged in the community, and are committed to serving our town, especially the children in our public schools.

As current members of the BoE, Lee and Neil have accomplished so much, including but not limited to transparent communication with our community, collaborating with other town bodies (Planning and Zoning and the Board of Finance), expanding academic and extracurricular opportunities for all students, endorsing plans to support student well-being and for comprehensive and individualized education services, built outdoor play and learning spaces (at all eight schools), and provided professional development for teachers. 

These accomplishments demonstrate that Lee and Neil look at and consider all the important aspects of a good public education. And, they do so by always centering the children. All the children and all their needs. 

To do that work, they helped hire administrators who brought stability to our school district and adopted fiscally responsible budgets. 

Jill Dillon will receive my write-in “vote” (write in Jill Dillon in the 5E space AND fill in that bubble). She knows our schools and is committed to serving since she was PTA President at KHS and then at CMS. Like Lee and Neil, she listens and wants to understand every issue.

I know Lee, Neil, and Jill will serve our Board of Education well. They will work hard so that our children learn in safe and welcoming environments and our teachers and staff are proud to teach and work in our Westport Public School District. 

On a personal note, Lee, Neil, and Jill are the kind of people who are compelled to add to the good in the world. I am deeply grateful they always step up, raise their hands, and speak up. 

Please re-elect Lee Goldstein and Neil Phillips and write in Jill Dillon on Tuesday, Nov. 7, at your polling station or by absentee ballot.

Trammi Nguyen