To the editor:

The Democrat candidates, Lee Goldstein and Neil Phillips, have portrayed Jamie Fitzgerald and Camilo Riano as extremist, far-right candidates who are not representative of Westport values. 

They have implied that the Republicans’ concerns about DEI and SEL policies are misplaced and that, in fact, they are totally necessary to the education experience. That certainly begs the question as to how were the schools successful prior to the implementation of these policies?

Now let’s take a look at the fruits of some of the policies … a huge increase in transgender identifying teens demanding pronouns changes  be honored or else. 

Children learning that they have implicit bias and their country is racist. 

Micro-analyzing of every thought and feeling they have as described in the Yale developed RULER program. Look it up; I did and thought at first it was  a parody, but no, they are completely serious. At that point, it just became scary.

We live in a dangerous world and parents, teachers and all concerned adults want to prepare children to navigate that reality in the best possible way.

If you spend the time to look into these progressive policies you may come to the same conclusion that many parents have. That is, that this should not be practiced in the schools. Not only is it not helpful, it is harmful. 

Good teachers have always been tuned into children’s  emotional health and should be. We have depended on teachers who spend more time with our kids than any other non-family members, to alert us to problems they may notice such as bullying or depression. At times they may have to alert the authorities if they think there is abuse at home in order to protect children. This has always been the case. 

SEL, as in many progressive leftist ideas, takes something good and carries it to an extreme in which it becomes unhealthy and counterproductive.

When you vote for Jamie Fitzgerald and Camilo Riano you are affirming the focus of academics in schools and not the promotion  of left-wing progressive ideologies. Please think about it before you vote. 

I was a Democrat once, too, but the more informed you become you will  begin to see that voting  purely out of party loyalty can be a dangerous thing.

Sharon Wylie