Levi Bulcken, 9, of Monroe, has a close encounter of the seabird kind at Compo Beach on Thursday evening. / Photo by Jarret Liotta
Arthur Khisyamov, 13, of Westport, hit the water on a paddle board at Compo Beach. / Photos by Jarret Liotta
Adele Khisyamov, 9, of Westport, has a surprising but safe tumble off the board and into the water at Compo Beach on Thursday.

WESTPORT — It’s hot. It’s not going away.

So now what?

Seek relief. At Westport’s welcoming waterfront.

Brothers on the beach at Compo on Thursday afternoon. / Photo by Jarret Liotta
Weston Groher, 6, and his sister Anna Claire, 5, of Westport, turn sand and shells into art at Compo Beach. / Photo by Jarret Liotta

People are flocking to the cooling refuge of Compo Beach to escape the “Heat Advisory” issued through Sunday night by the National Weather Service.

That forecast, in terms of the “heat index,” means temperatures will feel as though they hit the mid-90 to lower-100 degrees range, according to the weather service.

Here’s a cool gallery of Compo scenes Thursday.

A local couple watches the sun sink over the western horizon. / Photo by Jarret Liotta

Above: The Backus family, of Westport, spends time with friends at Compo Beach.
Left: A seagull enjoys the cooling shore Thursday. / Photos by Jarret Liotta
Friends enjoy cool water on a hot evening at Compo Beach. / Photo by Jarret Liotta