Westport firefighters lift a storm drain to free a young killdeer. /Contributed photo.
Westport firefighters lift a storm drain to free a young killdeer. /Contributed photos.

WESTPORT — The mid-century cultural cliché is local firefighters scrambling to rescue a cat up a tree, sirens a-wailing.

The seasonal reality is that young birds quietly drop into storm drains everywhere, most going unnoticed. It’s an unfortunate occurrence when, for instance, mamma duck crosses a grate with her wide, webbed feet, but her smaller ducklings drop one by one into the catch basin below.

The Westport Fire Department encountered a similar situation Friday when a baby killdeer dropped into a storm drain.

The rescued baby killdeer. / Contributed photo
The rescued baby killdeer.

It appears, based on a photo posted on Facebook by Weston-based Wildlife in Crisis, to have happened in front of 188 Main Street in downtown Westport.

“Yesterday we received a call about a baby killdeer stuck in a storm drain,” the group said in a post. “Peter (who is also a Westport ACO) quickly called the awesome Town of Westport Fire Department and they removed the drain cover. Peter then reunited the baby with her parents and escorted them down to a riverbank away from busy Westport traffic.”

The young and mother killdeer skedaddle.

(Westport has an animal control officer, Peter Reid, who is also an associate director of Wildlife in Crisis.)

The Westport Fire Department shared the post on its Facebook page.

“Killdeer are graceful plovers,” Wildlife in Crisis said. “These ground nesting birds are found on lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and unfortunately parking lots,” it continued. “They construct nests on open terrain where they have a good view of oncoming predators.”