11 High Point Road - Photo Realtor.com
11 High Point Road – Photo Realtor.com

WESTPORT–During the week of January 23-27, three properties changed hands for $3.5 million, generating $9,000 in conveyance tax. One year ago, ten properties changed hands for a total of $19.8 million.

11 High Point Road sold for $1,650,000.
Seller: Joseph A Daley & Jacqueline Barchilon.
Buyer: Nazar Ivaniv.

4 Ambler Road sold for $1,050,000.
Seller: Dennis R Corsalini & Lorraine Feliciano, David Feliciano.
Buyer: Melissa Crouch Chang.

208 Compo Road S sold for $800,000.
Seller: Peter A Dorr Est.
Buyer: Further Afield 208 South Compo LLC.

Source: Westport Town Clerk