25 Colony Road - Photo Realtor.com
25 Colony Road – Photo Realtor.com

WESTPORT–During the week of December 25-29, four properties changed hands, for a total of $4.3 million, generating $10,700 in conveyance tax. One year ago, one property changed hands for a total of $1.2 million.

25 Colony Road sold for $1,750,000.
Seller: Albert Pizzirusso Est c/o A & S Fine Foods.
Buyer: Reid Dubin Litowitz & Laura Paris Wallace.

61 High Pt Road sold for $1,160,000.
Seller: Marjorie Goldberg & Robin Ventura.
Buyer: 61 High Point LLC.

66 Weston Road sold for $1,100,000.
Seller: Mohonk Education & Neuropsychological Foundation Inc.
Buyer: Gabor Datz.

23 Vani Court sold for $250,000.
Seller: Kurt E Kappus.
Buyer: Lisa K Boone.

Source: Westport Town Clerk