BOE Member for Tooker-Moore

To The Editor:

Join me on Election Day in supporting Jen Tooker and Andrea Moore for Board of Selectmen to ensure Westport’s continued success.

Jen and Andrea possess unmatched experience and leadership. They understand how our town works and know how to build relationships that deliver results. They are big proponents of community engagement, regularly attending local events, not just during campaign season. They are committed to listening to community members to best serve our interests.

I know Jen and Andrea will continue to be champions for our schools. As Second Selectman, Jen always considers the impact town-wide decisions have on our school district. She prioritizes strong partnership, while respecting management boundaries. In 2019, while an opponent sat on the BOE endlessly discussing whether to rebuild or restore CMS and where to place students while the school was offline, the Marpe/Tooker Administration stepped in to create the CMS Building Committee and provide needed action to move forward.

As Vice Chair of the BOF, Andrea works collaboratively to ensure our schools receive funding to provide excellent education for all students, while ensuring tax dollars are spent efficiently. She also understands the importance of balancing the financial needs across our town. During the CMS fiasco, she prevented a significant, fiscally irresponsible decision by voting against funding for an impractical plan proposed by the BOE.

Jen’s and Andrea’s values are unquestionable. They believe in diversity, work tirelessly to foster a sense of belonging and understand the importance of unifying our town rather than promoting divisiveness. If you have any doubt about their values, I urge you to talk with them instead of believing “disinformation” their opponents perpetuate as campaign tactics. Jen and Andrea are role models for our children. I am honored to serve the town of Westport alongside them and fortunate to call them friends.  

Liz Heyer / Board of Education member

Selectperson for Steinberg-Savin

To The Editor:

I am writing to endorse Jonathan Steinberg for First Selectman.

Over the last few weeks Westport has experienced an onslaught of extremist rhetoric which has been upsetting to the vast majority of the community, and has underlined the need to elect leaders who stand up and speak out for our values.

Make no mistake, those elected to local office make decisions that affect our lives on EVERY level — from our children’s education, to how we deal with the effects of climate change on our neighborhoods. The reasoning with which decisions are made comes down to the values of our leaders. That is why I believe Jonathan Steinberg is the best choice for First Selectman.

The Republican candidate for First Selectman has said it doesn’t matter whether Westport is led by a Republican or Democrat. However, when she suggests that a racist group set to divide our community is ‘just a cry for transparency,’ it is clear that party does matter. It matters that a local leader of an increasingly extreme Republican party won’t denounce this group. It matters that this candidate stays silent.

Jonathan has spent nearly two decades in elected office standing up forcefully for women’s rights, healthcare access, gun violence prevention, environmental protection and equity & inclusion. Neither Jonathan, nor his running mate, Candice Savin, stay silent on the issues that matter.

Listen very closely to what the candidates are saying and what their records are on the issues that define us. Your vote is your voice. I urge you to use it to express your values on November 2.

Melissa Kane / Selectwoman