To the editor:

The chorus of our many Westport neighbors writing in to support Lee Goldstein, Neil Phillips and Jill Dillon has articulated the case for their candidacies very well.

Against the backdrop of their longstanding professional and volunteer experiences in the Westport community, Lee, Neil and Jill have demonstrated their commitment to excellence, as well as their passion for serving our public schools. What is left to say?

As an RTM Education Committee member and as a parent, I see the long hours put in by our Westport Public School (“WPS”) staff.

I see how demands of modern society continually challenge our educators, and how they consistently meet these challenges with dedication and grace.

For our Board of Education to function, BOE members must cultivate a positive pro-social relationship with the WPS administration and staff with room for respectful debate on issues that matter to Westport families.

I cannot see how this happens if we elevate a person who has publicly called them “groomers” to a position of authority over them.

No doubt, our Westport staff will deal with it if they have to, but really, why should they have to?

We want BOE leaders who approach the governance of our public schools first and foremost from a place of respect and gratitude to its hard-working staff, not demeaning public attacks on them.

Our WPS employees deserve our support. On Election Day, voters can demonstrate this support for them by choosing Lee Goldstein, Neil Phillips and then writing in Jill Dillon for BOE.

Candace Banks, RTM member, District 6