Earthplace Festival proved very popular Sunday. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

WESTPORT — The annual Earthplace Festival was a smashing success Sunday, with hundreds of families coming out to enjoy the event and the many special activities in place.

Alexis McEvoy of Westport and her daughter Isabel, 20 months, meet a friendly worm. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

Kids took veritable swims in a pool of corn kernels, communed with animal ambassadors, climbed rock walls and dined on hanging donuts.

Jonah Frey, 11, of Westport takes a shot at eating a donut on a string. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

Families are encouraged to keep coming back to the long-standing facility, which continues to offer a wide range of programs and events throughout the year.

Nathan Powsner, 2, of Westport races to the next activity. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Rock wall climbing. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Saoirse Cummins, 3, of Shelton enjoys the touch tank. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Tony McDowell, executive director, was thrilled with the turnout for the fest. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Trisha Large of Southport and her daughter, Charlie, 4, discuss a cinnamon donut. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Kids take a closer look at a tank containing both beetles and tadpoles. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Gabe Frankel, 16 months, of Westport enjoys the corn kernel pool. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Kids were literally swimming in the corn kernel pool. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
Pete Farboni, associate director of education for Harborwatch, talks about the critters in the touch tank. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)
(Photo by Jarret Liotta)