Debra Kandrak has led by example by maintaining daffodil gardens as part of her “Paint the Town Yellow” program. / Contributed photo

WESTPORT — Blossoms waving brightly all around town.

That was the vision that Debra Kandrak, a local realty and design professional, had for a venture she calls “Paint the Town Yellow.”

Since planting the seed — rather, bulbs — for the campaign three years ago, swaths of bright yellow daffodils have bloomed as homeowners, businesses and civic groups have answered the call to help beautify Westport.

“I always look for the beauty in things or a way to make something beautiful,” says Kandrak, a former member of the town’s Beautification Committee. 

“I started a memory garden in my yard years ago by planting yellow daffodils for loved ones who had passed,” she recalls. “Today, my property has thousands of yellow daffodils that bloom in the spring.”

When she established “Paint the Town Yellow,” Kandrak proposed planting daffodils “In Memory of a Loved One,” a theme she has revisited for this year’s project.

“Many people wrote to me to tell me that this was a wonderful idea, and they told me their heartfelt stories of a loved one who had passed,” she says.

Daffodils brightening a local roadside. / Contributed photo

Since then, other Westporters have followed Kandrak’s lead, planting thousands of daffodil bulbs that blossom brightly along roadsides, around mailboxes and street signs, at town schools and the library, beside the beach — and “one family planted 7,000 bulbs along the front of their property on Prospect Road.”

Among the local groups that helped promote the effort, she says, are the Westport Garden Club and the National Charity League, whose members gave their time and donated bulbs several years in a row.

Kandrak has bigger, brighter idea for the future of “Paint the Town Yellow:” a townwide daffodil celebration.

A collage of daffodil plantings done through “Paint the Town Yellow.” / Contributed photo