John Camarero / Photo, Westport Police Department

WESTPORT — A Milford man, who police said created a disturbance outside a downtown restaurant, was charged after he called “911” despite being told by officers on scene not to make an emergency call to report a debunked crime, police said.

John Camarero, 34, was charged June 1 with interfering with an officer and misuse of 911/false alarm.

Police were called to Main Street shortly before 1:30 a.m. June 1 where a customer and manager of Nômade restaurant were engaged in a dispute outside, according to the report.

Police were told the customer — identified as John Camarero — appeared to be intoxicated when he arrived at the restaurant and became “disruptive” when asked to leave.

Outside the restaurant, Camarero allegedly was “uncooperative” with officers and told them that minors were being served alcohol by the restaurant, police said. That claim was not substantiated, according to the report.

While police were still on the scene, Camarero insisted he wanted to report the allegation by calling 911, despite being warned by officers not to call the emergency number. 

Camarero allegedly was told by police if he made the 911 call, he would be arrested. Despite the warning, Camarero called 911 and, at that point, was placed under arrest, police said.

After being formally charged, Camarero was released after posting $500 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned June 27 at state Superior Court in Stamford.