The scene on Sherwood Avenue Connector, near Post Road East, where a car crashed Monday with suspects involved in motor vehicle thefts and attempted break-ins, police said. / Contributed photo by Jimmy Izzo

WESTPORT — Nine burglary and car-theft suspects were arrested Monday during chaotic scenes spanning local roads and Interstate 95, including collisions with police cruisers that injured one officer and another that involved Police Chief Foti Koskinas.

The suspects — both adults and juveniles — all were taken into custody, and the two stolen vehicles they were driving and a handgun were recovered during what was likened to “a high-speed chase from ‘Kojack,’ ” by Jimmy Izzo, a Representative Town Meeting member from District 3.

Identities of the nine suspects were not immediately released Monday afternoon.

The multiple incidents unfolded about 11 a.m. Monday when Westport police were alerted by Fairfield police to be on the look out for three masked men trying to open doors of vehicles parked in residential driveways, who also reportedly made at least one attempt to enter a garage.

Based on that report, a Westport police detective driving an unmarked car located the suspects’ car as they were walking up a driveway to try to break into a parked vehicle, according to the report by police Lt. Anthony Prezioso.

When another unmarked police car arrived on the scene, the suspects fled, striking one of the police cars, causing significantly damage and disabling the vehicle while injuring an officer.

The suspects’ car sped onto southbound I-95, where it broke down between Exits 18 and 17 from damage caused by the collision. As the occupants tried to flee on foot, they all were captured by officers from multiple jurisdictions dispatched to the scene.

The vehicle had previously been reported stolen, and a handgun was found at the scene, police said.

Meanwhile, as police were setting up a perimeter around the scene of the earlier incident, another stolen car with multiple occupants “known to officers to be involved in similar criminal activity” passed by.

Once those suspects spotted police, they fled from the area and struck an unmarked vehicle operated by Koskinas. 

The suspects’ car then sped “recklessly” through several local roads trying elude officers, according to the report.

The car came to a stop after crashing on the Sherwood Island Connector near Post Road East, disabling the vehicle, and where police were able to apprehend its occupants.

Injuries to the officer and Koskinas were not life-threatening, a spokesman said, but the officer did receive medical attention.

The connector was closed to traffic during the incident.

RTM members witnessed wild scenes

Andrew Colabella, an RTM member from District 4, was caught in the midst of one of the chases.

He said when he pulled up the stop sign at Greens Farms and Hillspoint roads, he saw police vehicles driving in and out of the nearby corporate park. 

Chief Koskinas, driving a white Volvo, tried to block the road as a blue Audi and police vehicles in pursuit headed their way. 

“They drove off the road across this little island on the corner where the guardrail is,” Colabella recounted.

The chief “drove toward them to stop them. I went right onto Hillspoint and I continued a few feet forward, I was like, ‘Alright, I can block them in.’ I did block them in, they didn’t like that,” he said. “They kept driving and they got between the telephone pole and the guardrail where there was a guidewire, jumped off the sidewalk, over the curb and they continued on, speeding down Hillspoint.”

He said about eight minutes later he headed on Greens Farms Road toward the Sherwood Island Connecter, but it was shut down. So he went to Hillandale Road, which has a bridge over the connector, and saw the aftermath of the incident.

“You could see [the suspects] had crashed their Audi and totaled it because they were speeding,” Colabella said. “They took the turn too tight, hit the island and rolled. And this wasn’t because the police were chasing them, it’s because they were driving” so erratically.

And Izzo, who also was on scene, observed, “You see all these cars one by one by one, cop cars, coming through. I was like wow, they really can and do drive fast once in a while.”