Editor’s note: Following is an “open letter” in support of Board of Education candidates Lee Goldstein, Neil Phillips and Jill Dillon, signed by 140 people.


The American poet Maya Angelou said that when people show you who they are, believe them.

Camilo Riano and Jamie Fitzgerald claim to be concerned parents who want to “take politics out of schools.” But Angelou’s wisdom requires us to look beyond what people tell us about themselves.

Camilo Riano shows us who he is when he claims that “dogmatic fanatics of diversity, equity, and inclusion are trying to indoctrinate our children and destroy our

great country from within.” (BoE 4/25/22 2:20).

Jamie Fitzgerald shows us who she is by proudly sharing a platform with him. Watch her performance in the debate for yourself.

When people show you who they are, believe them. Candidates don’t get to hide who they are by telling you they’re “concerned parents.” We’re all concerned parents. You don’t get to put “concerned parent Camilo

Riano” on the Board of Education, you’re putting Extremist Right-Wing Newsletter Contributor Camilo Riano on the Board of Education.

Thankfully, in this upcoming Board of Education election, we have alternatives. Lee Goldstein, Neil Phillips, and Jill Dillon have shown us who they are as well: tireless leaders serving our community and our children who have overseen the rise of the Westport School District to

extraordinary heights and the incredible work of our district’s PTA.

There will always be challenging issues facing our Board of Education. You don’t have to agree with everything Lee, Neil, and Jill say or do. You can trust them to approach those challenges with intelligence, experience, and respect for the stakeholders because they have shown us that is what they do.

It is not lost on us that these words from Maya Angelou were written by one of the most banned authors in America. 

We, the undersigned, support a vote for Lee Goldstein, Neil Phillips, and write-in Jill Dillon (you can vote for all 3!).

Our beloved school district depends on it.