To the editor:

A PRC meeting (a continuation of a previous meeting) was scheduled on the Westport town website for Oct. 18, 2023, at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall Room 201. This is about two weeks from now.

The meeting was hastily rescheduled for tomorrow (Oct. 5, 2023), probably a surprise and an inconvenience for many people.

Besides the short notice, the status level of the meeting was also downgraded from an open public meeting in Town Hall to a “Zoom” meeting, which is technologically very inconvenient for many people, especially older citizens.

In terms of Longshore planning, this meeting is a very CRITICAL POINT. Without responding to the request by permanent Longshore residents to relocate the pickleball courts out of the residential zone (Aug. 14, 2023, meeting at the administration building in Longshore), the PRC was CHARGING AHEAD.

The PRC presented their plan at the Sept. 6, 2023, BOF meeting in the presence of First Selectwoman Jen Tooker. The critical “PUSH-BACK” question was asked by the BOF chair and UNTRUTHFULLY answered by the chair of the PRC.

At this aggressive plan advancement, the residents of Longshore are still waiting to have the pickleball fields relocated to another location in this 170-acre Longshore Park or another location in town.

We feel that at this critical Longshore planning stage, the meeting should NOT be “watered down” into a  “Zoom” meeting, but it should be held in a PUBLIC FORUM in Town Hall: IN PERSON, face-to-face, with “We the People” and the officials.

The meeting should be postponed and appropriately held in Town Hall.

Irmi Streidt