A large pile of soil near for the subdivision on Fresenius Road. / Photo by Thane Grauel
A large pile of soil near the subdivision on Fresenius Road. / Photo by Thane Grauel

By Thane Grauel

WESTPORT — Owners of three houses at the end of Fresenius Road are seeking permission to smooth out some steep terrain.

Architect Bryan Nesteriak, on behalf of the owners of 16, 18 and 20 Fresenius, has submitted applications to the Zoning Board of Appeals for variances regarding fill and excavation.

Work is sought on each of the properties within 5 feet of a property line, and in excess of 10 feet in depth.

“Improvements, if allowed, will make the property safer and easier to maintain,” Nesteriak wrote.

“The existing conditions of this residential property, specifically the existing excessive grade, conflicts with the property owner’s ability to comply with the town’s zoning regulations,” he continued.

The subdivision, three houses and an acre of open space, has been in the works almost a decade, according to town records. The Conservation Commission approved the subdivision plan in December 2018. It was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission in June 2021.

The properties are in various stages of completion. A large pile of earth sits near the end of the cul-de-sac off Long Lots Road.

The applications were recently filed, and it will take several weeks to make a ZBA agenda, Zoning Official Laurie Montagna told the Westport Journal on Wednesday.

The small road has seen other changes in recent years, including a house at the top of the street — fined for zoning and blight violations — being sold, demolished and replaced with a new construction.

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