Piglet and veterinarian Melissa Shapiro delight a “Family Day” audience with the story of the pink, deaf and blind puppy at MoCA Westport on Saturday. / Contributed photo by Leslie LaSala

WESTPORT — A canine with a porcine name.

“Piglet,” the pink, deaf and blind puppy whose story was chronicled in “Piglet Comes Home,” a book by his owner, Westport veterinarian Melissa Shapiro, was the featured guest Saturday at MoCA Westport.

Artist 5iveFingaz painted a mural, featuring Piglet, during MoCA Westport’s “Family Day” event. / Contributed photo by Leslie LaSala

The occasion was “Family Day” at the museum, where visitors were able to meet both Piglet and Shapiro.

Activities centered around a project inspired by the dog’s story — Piglet Mindset, described in a statement as “a global movement for acceptance, inclusion, empathy and kindness.”

And a mural featuring Piglet was created during the event by Norwalk artist 5iveFingaz.

Attendees also were able to explore the “Spark” exhibit on display at MoCA, showcasing artwork by kindergartners through high school students from Westport schools.

Youngsters created their own artwork at MoCA Westport’s “Family Day” on Saturday.  / Contributed photo by Leslie LaSala

Local musician Dustin Lowman performed at “Family Day.” / Contributed photos by Leslie LaSala
Piglet poses with 5iveFingaz in front of the mural the artists painted during MoCA Westport’s “Family Day.”
They all screamed for College Creamery ice cream, one of the treats on offer at “Family Day.” / Contributed photo by Leslie LaSala