Treats from Tutti’s offered at the Slice of Saugatuck. / Photos by Thane Grauel

WESTPORT — Gray skies loomed above, but on Saturday a lower-level cloud of enticing aromas wafted over Saugatuck.

It smelled of chicken wings beyond the Buffalo variety, Asian noodles, oven-fresh pizza, garlicky pasta dishes with meatballs and more.

It was the 11th year for the “Slice of Saugatuck” festival, a showcase for the neighborhood’s numerous eateries and a destination for people and families eager to enjoy the eats.

Otis and the Hurricanes
Kawa Ni.
Kawa Ni
The Black Duck.
The Black Duck
Tuck Gin
Harvest Wine Bar and Restaurant.
Harvest Wine Bar and Restaurant

Postponed by rain on its original date, and following the rainiest day of the year, Friday, attendance appeared down.

For the older crowd, there were bands, beer, wine and other spirits.

For the youngsters, inflatable slides, and a chance to climb aboard an antique fire engine at Saugatuck Hose Co. No. 4.

The annual event is organized by the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce.