Miggs Burroughs, left, welcomes friends and supporters back to downtown’s “Tunnel of Love & Community” a.k.a. “Tunnel Vision” on Main Street. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

WESTPORT — Some of the town’s most beloved public artwork — and the only public gallery open 24/7 — has been restored and newly unveiled, thanks to fans and supporters of Miggs Burroughs’ “Tunnel Vision,” a.k.a. the new “Tunnel of Love & Community,” which runs between Main Street and Parker-Harding Plaza.

First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker, left, talks with Catherine Onyemelukwe, whose hands are featured in the work “United,” along with her late husband Clement’s. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

On Friday afternoon Burroughs, a well-known local artist and community activist, officially turned the new lights on his work.

Miggs Burroughs talks about his creation. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

After eight years of the lenticulars diminishing in quality due to arcane lighting fixtures, Burroughs was displeased with the look of the work.

Friend and supporter John McKinney of Fairfield looks over the work of Burroughs. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

His friend Mark Yurkiw of Westport, however, stepped in and organized a fundraising campaign that brought new fixtures and technology to the collection.

Mark Yurkiw of Westport gets a shot of Miggs Burroughs and First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

“Miggs was extremely unhappy that all of this grew to be less than he made it,” said Yurkiw, who praised the longtime resident’s commitment to Westport.

First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker talks with Miggs Burroughs. (Photo by Jarret Liotta)

“Miggs has spent his entire life here trying to do something good for the town,” he said.