70 Clapboard Hill Road - Photo Realtor.com
70 Clapboard Hill Road / Photo Realtor.com

WESTPORT — During the week of July 17 to 21, 12 properties sold for $26.2 million, generating $65,500 in conveyance tax. One year ago, 17 properties changed hands for a total of $34.6 million.

70 Clapboard Hill Road sold for $6 million.
Seller: Tobias & Bonnie Moskowitz.
Buyer: Robert K Zapfel.

143 Old Road sold for $3,695,000.
Seller: Steven & Amanda Beck.
Buyer: Mark & Melissa Greenberg.

5 Bowling Lane sold for $2.85 million.
Seller: EKI LLC.
Buyer: Ryan and Ashley Brigham.

29 Soundview Drive sold for $2.6 million.
Seller: Jennifer Anne Kaplan Est.
Buyer: Soundview Bay Properties LLC.

3 Nappa Lane sold for $2,299,000.
Seller: John P & Stephanie Alli.
Buyer: Helena Leahy and Harper Leahy Tr Harper Evans Leahy Revocable Trust.

10 Bonnie Brook Lane sold for $1,757,500.
Seller: Stefano and Annalyce Loretto.
Buyer: Evan and Rachel Wien.

1 Stone Drive sold for $1,625,000.
Seller: Sonam Sethi & Varun Tejpal.
Buyer: Steven and Cheryl Berman.

18 West Parish Road sold for $1,350,000.
Seller: William B & Elizabeth K Rubidge.
Buyer: Christopher and Nicole Messer.

158 Newtown Turnpike sold for $1.3 million.
Seller: Janet Raschella.
Buyer: Elizabeth Kate and Andrew Richard Wetzler.

37 Crescent Road sold for $1,252,000.
Seller: John A and Emma M Birch.
Buyer: Adi Mackic.

9 Marilane sold for $938,000.
Seller: Hugh Begg Ross and Ryan Moran.
Buyer: 9 Marilane LLC.

6 Hale St. sold for $550,000.
Seller: Peter & Dolores Hannan.
Buyer: Stephen J and Monica Vasale Jr.

Source: Westport Town Clerk