To the editor:

The first time I met David Rosenwaks he made me cry! By cry, I mean the happiest tears I had in a long time. It was early on after the COVID lockdown. We ran into each other at the local toy store buying gifts for the same birthday party. Since COVID, my daughter had been experiencing so much separation anxiety. My husband and I could barely be in a room away from her in the house. To my surprise, she asked to go with David and his daughter to the party. That is why I nicknamed him David the Child Whisperer. When he started coaching the girls soccer team, it was no shock that the demand to be on his team was so high that there was a waiting list. It was unprecedented.  

David has a natural connection not only with kids, but with people of all ages in our community as well. Most people who know him recognize that he is a strong, positive presence in every room he walks into. He listens and his energy is infectious.

David is dedicated to family, the well-being and best opportunities for all residents, and the strengthening of the infrastructure and programs in our town and schools. David would be an engaged and fresh set of eyes on all town issues. He is a leader and genuine human being to the core. 

Please vote for David Rosenwaks for RTM District 6 on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Stephanie Cohen-Hamlin