To the editor:

This is more than an elected seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission for my father — it’s a lifetime of work, dedication and knowledge of planning and zoning to contribute to the continued growth of Westport — our beloved town and its vibrant community.

Michael Calise has a vast history within the halls of Town Hall, encompassing decades of service to Westport. RTM member District 2 for eight years including the various subcommittees. Dealing with issues — major issues — during the controversial late 1960s into the 1970s, notably helping to save Cockenoe Island from the proposed nuclear power plant! 

Appointed to the Architectural Review Board for 12 years, serving as its chairman for four years. As a citizen he was a regular in town meetings over the decades, even when not holding a seat on any committee or board.

That is what the public sees of Michael with his ever-present interest in current topics and events. 

What no one sees is the “behind the scenes Michael” well, I do and I am here to tell you. Michael is all the about the facts. He will spend hours and hours researching a project that can turn into days and months. Meetings, onsite visits, phone calls with all concerned parties and others to get a different viewpoint as it affects the town overall. With this “deep dive” research often times he uncovers little-known facts that a concerned citizen would want to know. Only when he has gathered every bit of information he can find will he offer an opinion AND a viable solution to the issue. As a Westport citizen you should know he will always have your back — often when you don’t even know it.

His years of experience with Planning and Zoning are unmeasured, he doesn’t need a book to know a code or a statute, he’s lived them — whether it be a town issue or as it pertains to Real Estate, his lifelong business.

John Bolton, Mike Calise, Amie Tesler and Patrizia Zucaro are an outstanding team eminently qualified, all with years of experience and service that will be responsive to the public. They ensure commitment and conviction to issues and their resolve. 

A vote for John Bolton, Mike Calise, Amie Tesler and Patrizia Zucaro for Planning and Zoning is a vote for Westport.

Catherine Calise