Editor’s note: Following is a letter sent to First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker, and submitted to the Westport Journal for publication.


Recent legislation mandating that Westport consolidate its transit district with one of three existing adjacent districts provides an opportunity to remedy what has been a Quixotic experiment with an underfunded single-town district, which is not professionally managed.

It now behooves us to make a choice among Norwalk, Bridgeport or CT Transit districts, and in order to make an informed decision, we should be meeting with each of them to explore how Westport can be integrated into their existing operations, and to assure that Westport has a seat at the table, a voice and a vote whenever decisions are made.

In order that Westport may be prepared to meet with the neighboring transit districts and to plead its case, I am requesting that you schedule a public meeting without delay, to include, in addition to yourselves, Transit Director Peter Gold, the chief of police and the chair of the RTM Transit Committee; that you take into account public comment offered at that meeting; and that you appoint a delegation of not less than three to enter into discussions with the neighboring districts and to report on those discussions and make a recommendation to whomever in town government is charged with deciding the issue.


Larry Weisman