Wheels2U Westport bus
“Temptress of travel?” A Wheels2u Westport shuttle bus.

WESTPORT — “Temptress of travel” may not readily come to mind for most people when asked to describe a Wheels2U Westport shuttle bus.

But that reverential description of the little blue buses branded with a great big “2U” was enough to win first prize for its author in the haiku poetry contest sponsored by the Westport Transit District to promote its on-demand bus service to and from the town’s railroad stations.

More than 220 haikus were entered in last month’s contest, which was judged by Peter Gold, the transit district director, and Diane Meyer Lowman, Westport poet laureate emeritus.

The complete top-prize-winning haiku, by Judith Marks-White, appears below:

Behold the shuttle

The lifeline to liberty

Temptress of travel 

For her creativity, Marks-White receives a $100 gift certificate at the Westport restaurant of her choice, according to the transit district’s contest rules.

The contest’s two second-place prizes were awarded to Melissa Crouch Chang and Harry Rimm. They each receive  $50 restaurant gift certificates. Their poems follow: 

Daffodil day trip

Botanical gardens bliss

Starts with Wheels2U

— Melissa Crouch Chang


Home to train daily

Reliable and friendly 

Train to home daily

— Harry Rimm

Four third-place winners are Diane Reda-West, Rick Hochman, Sara Roche and Alyssa Hyman. They were awarded $25 restaurant gift certificates. Their poems follow:

Flowing stop to stop

Arriving on time smoothly 

Easy and relaxed

— Diane Reda-West


Cheap ride, warm inside 

Awaits at your door or train

Efficient and green

 — Rick Hochman


Morning sun rises 

Carefree, I wait on the curb 

A ride to the train 

— Sara Roche


Convenience is key

When you go to NYC

Wheels2U, and me!

— Alyssa Hyman

Honorable mentions went to Melissa Crouch Chang for two additional haikus, and to Jonathan Prager, winner of last year’s Wheels2U limerick contest.

Visit the Wheels2U Westport website for more information about the transit service.