WESTPORT — Polling stations for 45 home addresses have been changed, beginning with the November election, in accordance with new boundaries for the town’s voting districts approved in April by the Representative Town Meeting.

The new boundaries, as reported by the Westport Journal last month, reflect data changes reported in the 2020 Census and will affect nearly 150 residents living in RTM Districts 2 and 6.

On Thursday, the Registrars of Voters released a list of the specific street addresses for those residents, as well as where they will cast ballots in the future.

Registered voters in District 2, who have been shifted into District 3 and reside at the following addresses, now will vote at the Coleytown Middle School gym, 255 North Ave.:

1. Barry Lane
2Barry Lane
3Barry Lane
4Barry Lane
6Barry Lane
311Wilton Road
329Wilton Road
327Wilton Road
70Newtown Turnpike
72Newtown Turnpike
74Newtown Turnpike
76Newtown Turnpike
78Newtown Turnpike

Registered voters in District 6, moved by the new boundaries into District 8 and residing at the following addresses, will vote at Coleytown Middle School gym, 255 North Ave.:

3Abbotts Lane
5Abbotts Lane
7Abbotts Lane
11Abbotts Lane
15Abbotts Lane
108Cross Highway
110Cross Highway
114Cross Highway
116Cross Highway
118Cross Highway
124Cross Highway
128Cross Highway
3Kensington Place
5Kensington Place
6Kensington Place
1Melon Patch Lane
105North Avenue
107North Avenue
113North Avenue
118North Avenue
119North Avenue
121North Avenue
132North Avenue
133North Avenue
134North Avenue
4Peach Lot Place
6Peach Lot Place
7Peach Lot Place
6Pleasant Valley Lane
8Pleasant Valley Lane
14Pleasant Valley Lane
20Pleasant Valley Lane

Anyone can check their voter registration status and where they should vote at the Secretary of the State’s “Voter Lookup” website.

Questions about the recent changes to Westport’s polling places or voting information in general should be directed to Democratic Registrar of Voters Deborah Greenberg at dgreenberg@westportct.gov or 203-341-1116, or Republican Registrar of Voters Maria Louise Signore at msignore@westportct.gov or 203-341-1117.