An Ogre to Love: ‘Shrek The Musical JR.’ at Saugatuck El

Apr 5, 2022 | Arts, Education, Performing | 0 comments

Full cast of “Shrek The Musical JR.” at Saugatuck Elementary School. / Photo by Dawn Shmaruk

WESTPORT — “Shrek The Musical JR.,” a tuneful tale celebrating differences with a jolly green giant at the center of things, will be staged Friday and Saturday at Saugatuck Elementary School.

5th graders Grayson Jandora as Shrek and Alex Weiner as Donkey

The production by the Saugatuck Theater Club is set for 7 p.m. Friday, April 8, and at 1 and 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 9, in the school, 170 Riverside Ave.

To reserve $10 tickets for the show, click here.

Helping director Katie Bloom add a little polish to this year’s production is Tony Award-winning Broadway actress Kelli O’Hara, a town resident.

“Shrek The Musical JR.” is based on characters from the Oscar-winning animated movie and the later Broadway musical.

Third grader Charlotte Naughton as Dragon. / Photo by Dawn Shmaruk
Spotlight operator Cash Coughlin, fifth grader. / Photos by Dawn Shmaruk
Crew captain Quinn Danbeck, left, fifth grade, and stagehands George James, center, fourth grade, and Leopold Rino, third grade, change the set between scenes.
Duloc villagers Ella Greenberg, Maya Cloherty, Evelyn Matz and Liv Lawton, third graders. / Photo by Dawn Shmaruk
Katie Bloom, the “Shrek The Musical JR.” director and second-grade teacher, right, adjusts microphone for fourth grader Ella O’Brien, playing Teen Fiona. / Photo by Dawn Shmaruk
Duloc dancers in the Saugatuck Theater Club’s production of “Shrek The Musical JR.” / Photo by Dawn Shmaruk


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