The male actors in the Staples Players’ adaptation of “Lord of the Flies” include, from left: Cooper Sadler ’24, Tyler Rockwell ’24, Drew Andrade ’23, Jayden Saenz ’23, Yusef Abdallah ’25, Cameron Mann ’24, Will McCrea ’26, Matthew Bukzin ’24, Henry Carson ’24 and Sebastian Gikas ’23. / Photos by Kerry Long
Staples Players’ female performers in “The Lord of the Flies” include, from left, Adelia Purcell ’23, Kaya Arava ’24, Raia Badurina ’23, Nikki Sternberg ’23, Josy Pitaro ’24 and Sophia Betit ’23.

WESTPORT — “Lord of the Flies,” the classic novel illustrating how social norms can descend into savagery when herd instinct runs rampant, gets a unique re-interpretation as the Staples Players stage the cautionary tale with male and female performers May 25-28.

The adaptation of the 1954 best-seller by William Golding will be staged at Staples High School’s Black Box Theatre at 7:30 p.m. May 25-27, at 3 p.m. May 27 and at 1 p.m. May 28. The high school is at 70 North Ave.

With limited seating available at the Black Box Theatre, those planning to attend are advised to reserve tickets early. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here.

Each performance will feature a different cast, a departure from Golding’s novel about a group of British boys marooned on an uninhabited island. Most of the performances will feature both male and female actors, but the Saturday matinee will be all females and the Sunday show will be all males.

Two of the main protagonists in the Staples Players’ adaptation of “Lord of the Flies” will be portrayed by Cameron Mann, a Staples junior, as “Jack” and senior Quinn Mulvey as “Ralph.”

For the complete cast lists for all performances of “Lord of the Flies,” click here.

“This is a challenging show to begin with, but we made it more complex by double casting each role with one male identifying actor and one female identifying actor,” Kerry Long, co-director of the production, said in a publicity release.

“We will mix up the casts so audiences will see a different combination of actors at each performance … The characters are always 11- to 12-year-old boys, but the actors interpreting the roles will be different at each show. We think it will make for a fascinating exploration of the story.”

The mixed casting and contemporary costumes “made the story seem fresh, modern, and very relevant to our world today,” co-director David Roth said in the release.

“As we dug deeper into the story, we realized all of these things are true — and the themes hold up just as well in 2023 as they did in 1954, when the book was published by William Golding,” he said.

Tess Boosin, an assistant director and member of the Class of 2024, said, “To have every role double cast and no two shows having the same cast means the actors are being trained to work with everyone.

“Learning to break the gender barriers has allowed for a performance that will be thrilling.”

Staples Players’ cast members who will perform in the upcoming production of “The Lord of Flies” include, in tree from left, Henry Carson ’24, Samantha Edwards ’24, Kaya Arava ’24, Josy Pitaro ’24 and Cooper Sadler ’24, and on the ground from left, Sebastian Gikas ’23, Ryan Overley ’25, Will McCrea ’26, Raia Badurina ’23, Matthew Bukzin ’24 and Tyler Rockwell ’24.