Merchandise described by police as “illegal vape and THC products” was found at WP Convenience on Post Road East during an unannounced inspection last week. Some of the products featured flavors and packaging designed to resemble candy, police said. / Photos, Westport Police Department

WESTPORT — A local convenience store is under police investigation after a spot check last week found its merchandise included “a large number” of allegedly “illegal vape and THC products,” police said.

WP Convenience, 1761 Post Road East, was the only of one of 12 local retailers selling tobacco products found in apparent violation of regulations during the unannounced April 12 compliance checks, according to a police press statement.

The vape and THC products allegedly available at WP Convenience also “did not display the required QR codes and/or were packaged to look like candy,” police said.

In response to a request by the Westport Journal for comment from WP Convenience management, owner Faroog Alwajih said that when the business opened, Delta [THC] products were legal in Connecticut, but it “came to my attention they were banned in Westport when officials came to my location.”

The business “never and will never sell or sold to any minor … We will permanently stop selling all Delta and THC products,” Alwajih said. He attributed availability of products cited by inspectors “mostly [to] confusion” over state and local laws, and promised to abide by regulations in the future “no matter what.”

Westport zoning regulations currently ban the sale of recreational marijuana and related THC products anywhere in town. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a chemical component of marijuana, or cannabis, and has the most significant impact on the mental state of the drug’s users.

Plus, police noted, WP Convenience does not have a state license to sell either recreational or medical cannabis products.

The spot-check findings are currently being investigated by the Detective Bureau, police said Tuesday.

The unannounced inspections were a joint effort by Westport police and the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services’ Tobacco Prevention and Enforcement Program. Inspectors were deployed to monitor stores’ compliance with state laws prohibiting sale of e-cigarettes and/or tobacco products to anyone younger than 21 years old.

Retailers are required by state law to inspect the photo identification of anyone who appears younger than 30 before selling a tobacco product or electronic cigarettes, police said.

WP Convenience, as well as the 11 other local retailers visited by inspectors, all were found in compliance with regulations governing the sales of tobacco merchandise, police said.

Other stores visited by inspectors include: Merritt Country Store, 337 Main St.; Country Deli Store, 332 Wilton Road; Sunoco Food Mart, 240 Riverside Ave.; Westport Shell, 322 Post Road East, and Cumberland Farms, 690 Post Road East.

Also, Wheels, 786 Post Road East; Westport Cigar & Vape, 1248 Post Road East; Exxon Tiger Mart, 1510 Post Road East; Shell Food Mart, 1530 Post Road East; Mohegan Smoke Shop, 1803 Post Road East, and Mercury, 1830 Post Road East.