To The Editor:

I’d like to clarify comments attributed to me by this publication on Election Night.

I thought I had been sufficiently explicit about my wariness in taking on responsibilities if I lacked confidence in my ability to fulfill the obligations required. That’s why, had I won the selectman’s race, I would have resigned as state Representative, knowing that I’d been unable to do justice to both jobs. Activities during session, particularly for a committee chair, would have required sacrificing one position or the other.

Similarly, when confronted with the prospect of being sworn in as Third Selectperson, I had to consider my availability to do the job during session, even if the responsibilities were significantly less burdensome. It wouldn’t have been fair to Westporters to be absent for an extended period. So, obviously, I’d be inclined to keep the Representative job, serving the people of Westport as I have for over a decade.

I certainly didn’t think I implied that the Third Selectperson role wasn’t important. I’m confident that Westport will have an excellent person in that role. And I wish the new administration all the best.

State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg