To the editor:

There are three seats available on the Board of Education; I urge everyone to support Jill Dillon write-in candidate for Board of Education for the third seat along with incumbents Lee Goldstein and Neil Philips.

As a past member of the Board of Education for eight years, three of which I was chair, I am deeply concerned about the candidacies of Camilo Riano and Jamie Fitzgerald to the Board of Education. 

I have watched the very negative assaults that Camilo has made against our school system, our superintendent, administrators and teachers. There is no room in Westport for this kind of behavior. 

The writer included a sample of how to cast a write-in ballot in Westport’s Nov. 7 election.

His interview through CDM with Steve Bannon about the horrors of Westport is propaganda. Camilo is an editor for Creative Destructive Media, the mission of which is “incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one.”  

Jamie, on the other hand, has never been seen at a BOE meeting and has demonstrated little knowledge of the school system during her League of Women debate.

Westport students, parents, teachers and administrators deserve Board of Education members who will serve Westport to ensure that students and staff receive the support they need. 

Sandra Urist