WESTPORT — Dogs will have their day once again at Compo Beach starting Sunday, but parks officials remind their human handlers restrictions still apply.

“Dog season” at the beach runs from Sunday, Oct. 1, through next March 31, according to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Canine behavior at the Compo Beach, parks official said, must conform with the following rules:

  • Dogs are prohibited from the pavilion, playground and walkways.
  • Dogs must be leashed in all areas of the park, except in the designated off-leash area south of the pavilion, including South Beach. Off-leash regulations are posted at the entrance to the designated area.
  • Owners are required by law to pick up their dog’s feces.

A fine of $77 is imposed for violating any of the regulations.

Parks and Recreation Director Jennifer Fava also reminds pet owners that animals are prohibited year-round at all of the town’s athletic fields and playgrounds.

“For the safety and well-being of the public and athletes, and to help keep ballfields in good playing condition, animals are not allowed on playing fields at any time of year,” Fava said in the statement.

Although animals are allowed in areas surrounding athletic fields, Fava added, “It is recommended that they remain on leash while on the perimeter of these town facilities.”

At Luciano Park, per department rules and regulations, animals are prohibited from the entire park, she said.

Visit the Parks and Recreation Department website for detailed rules that apply to animals at town beaches, athletic fields and parks.