Siobhan Prout, an Earthplace naturalist educator, explains at Sunday’s maple sugar workshop that a maple tree can be identified by its buds. / Photos by Dawn Shmaruk
Photo at left: Earthplace’s Siobhan Prout shows workshop attendees how sap is collected from a tree. Right: Alma Broker-DuPont, 4, of Norwalk, taps a tree with a hand drill.
Photo left: Colton McAlister, 3, of Norwalk, enjoys a taste of freshly collected maple sap. Center: Sap collected from Earthplace trees heats over open fire. Right: Paige Jimison, 4, of Westport, takes a turn tapping a tree with a hand drill.

WESTPORT — Earthplace was a sweet spot Sunday.

Temperatures spiked to the mid-60s on a sunny late-winter day, and sap flowed from the nature center’s maple trees.

Conditions were perfect for an outdoor workshop where attendees learned firsthand about the New England tradition of transforming the sap into a syrupy treat.

For those who missed Sunday’s program, there is a true sugar coating: Earthplace plans another maple-sugaring workshop this coming Sunday, March 10, at 1 p.m. For more details and to sign up, click here. For questions, call Earthplace at 203-557-4400.

Photo at left: Paige Jimison, 4, and mom enjoy fresh maple syrup and graham crackers. Right: Rachel Grella, an Earthplace naturalist, shares a sample of fresh maple syrup with John Waski of Westport as his wife, Norma, looks on.
The group at Sunday’s workshop enjoys a treat of graham crackers with fresh maple syrup.