WESTPORT — A truck leaking hydraulic fluid Thursday morning on Post Road East left a two-mile stretch of slick roadway in its wake, causing three motor vehicle accidents and snarling traffic on the already-congested street.

A police traffic advisory issued at 12:30 p.m. warns drivers to avoid the area of Post Road East, between Long Lots Road and Myrtle Avenue/Main Street, while operations to clean up the spill are underway.

The incident occurred when a truck, traveling west on Post Road East, suffered a hydraulic line break near Long Lots Road and began leaking fluid onto the road’s surface, police said.

The truck driver, who police said was unaware of the malfunction, continued heading west, leaving behind a trail of hydraulic fluid until stopped near Post Road East’s downtown intersections.

In the meantime, according to the report, the fluid-covered roadway caused three motor vehicle accidents.

While no streets have been shut down completely, police said lane closures on area streets will be in effect while the environmental cleanup continues.

Crews from the town’s Department of Public Works and the state Department of Transportation are assisting with cleanup operations, police said, with personnel from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection expected to join them.