To the editor:

As Westport moves forward with many new capital expenditures, including a new Long Lots School, I can’t think of any three people more qualified to lead our Board of Finance over the next four years than Liz Heyer, Rich Hightower and Perry Winter.

Liz Heyer, a Westport native, as current vice chair of Board of Education, as well as chair of the Finance Committee of the BOE, has proven to be an experienced financial leader. 

Liz has played a key role in developing a long-term master facilities program backed by a capital investment program, enabling our school district to finally address facility improvements in our schools. Liz, is not afraid to ask tough questions when it comes to fiscal responsibility, as the BOE is a business within our town, that requires skills beyond curriculum. 

Rich Hightower, with over two decades of Wall Street experience in equity research and investment, will bring corporate discipline to our towns short-term needs and long-term financial goals. Rich is a married father of three young children in our school system, along with community involvement in youth sports, and his church. 

Perry Winter comes from a career in underwriting and management in commercial reinsurance. Perry’s experience will invaluable in helping with our budget process and long-term financial planning as a town.  

As a 35-year-plus town resident, with a daughter and son-in-law moving to Westport to raise their family, Perry will be invested long-term in our town’s financial health. 

I urge all Westport residents to join me in casting a vote on Nov. 7 for Liz Heyer, Rich Hightowner and Perry Winter for Board of Finance. I know all three will deliver Westport with four years of dedication, integrity, transparency and sound fiscal results.

Jimmy Izzo