To the editor:

Sal Liccione, the Representative Town Meeting member representing District 9 in Westport has brought unwavering dedication to his community. He epitomizes public service, tirelessly working to enhance the lives of District 9 residents and the broader Westport community.

During his tenure in the RTM, Sal Liccione has stood out for his commitment to the best interests of his constituents. He passionately champions policies promoting economic growth and fiscal responsibility.

Sal’s advocacy extends to social and environmental causes. He actively addresses environmental challenges, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in a town as picturesque as Westport.

What sets Sal apart is his accessibility to constituents. He actively listens to their concerns, engages in open dialogue, and welcomes feedback. I have witnessed him a number of times brave torrential downpours to stop traffic from driving through Myrtle Avenue and Post Road.

Sal Liccione’s vision for District 9 transcends his time in office. He is dedicated to leaving a legacy of prosperity, sustainability, and unity in Westport. His ability to bridge political divides and collaborate for the district’s betterment is a testament to his leadership.

District 9 in Westport is fortunate to have Sal Liccione as its RTM member. His vision, commitment, and care for constituents make him a candidate worthy of support. With Sal in office, Westport and District 9 can anticipate a future marked by progress and prosperity.

Brian Larson, Westport