4 Stonewall Lane
4 Stonewall Lane

WESTPORT–During the week of February 7–11, ten properties changed hands for a total of $63.2 million, generating $158K in conveyance tax.

285 & 355 Riverside Avenue sold for $43,057,500.
Seller: 285 & 355 Riverside LLC.
Buyer: Westport Riverside Associates LLC.

76 Post Road E sold for $5,000,000.
Seller: Fine Arts Realty LLC.
Buyer: 76 PRE LLC.

4 Stonewall Lane sold for $2,829,750.
Seller: Bruce H Bernstein & Mindy Katz.
Buyer: Joseph A & Veronica Kidushim.

15 Quarter Mile Road sold for $2,798,000.
Seller: SIR-15 Quarter Mile LLC.
Buyer: Howard Steinberg & Natalie Margulies.

2 Murvon Court sold for $2,549,000.
Seller: Julia Dupont.
Buyer: Richard & Lorin Eskin.

24 Red Coat Road sold for $1,757,250.
Seller: Bonnie Bernard.
Buyer: Erica P Blau & Richard I Kaplan.

21 Grassy Plains Road Unit 3 sold for $1,535,000.
Seller: Reserve At Grassy Plains LLC.
Buyer: Kathleen N Caputo.

71 Cavalry Road sold for $1,350,000.
Seller: 71 Cavalry Road LLC.
Buyer: Philip Devries Jr.

10 Canterbury Close sold for $1,325,000.
Seller: Miriam D & Christopher J Young.
Buyer: Brooke L & James O Craemer.

20 Half Mile Common sold for $979,000.
Seller: Dermot J & Susan Meuchner.
Buyer: Jessica Lubarsky.

Source: Westport Town Clerk